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Pressure regulating valves


Cash Acme has been a trusted manufacturer of pressure regulator valves (PRV) for more than a century. We offer an extensive range of pressure regulator valves that are perfect for a number of heating and plumbing applications.

Temperature & Pressure (t&P)

Releif valves

Cash Acme offers an extensive line of temperature and pressure relief valve products, including robust high capacity commercial products, compact residential models, and agricultural products. Visit our relief valves page to browse our inventory


    Thermostatic mixing valves


    Designed to mix hot and cold water at safe controlled temperatures, Cash Acme’s thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) work with residential, commercial, industrial and hydronic heating applications. Take a look at our TMV selection to view our product range.

    Backflow preventers


    Our inventory of backflow prevention devices includes hose connection vacuum breakers, atmospheric vacuum breakers, dual check valves, and vented dual checks. Check out our product selection to view the full range backflow regulators.

    General plumbing & heating


    Find the solution to your general plumbing and heating needs with Cash Acme. Our products are designed to protect and control water flow in residential and commercial plumbing systems. Take a look at our full product selection.

    Sharkbite Connection system


    The ultimate range of push-fit plumbing fittings—the SharkBite® Connection System has really taken hold with its ability to join copper, CPVC or PEX pipe in any combination—with no soldering, clamps, unions or glue. From residential service & repair to commercial new construction, SharkBite plumbing solutions provide a quick and easy application that saves time, labor and money, and the freedom to move on to the next project.

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