Architectural Products

Interior designers are responsible for creating experiential spaces. These design spaces are an essential part of our lives. The designs that are brought to life affect how we work and play…how we live. It has even been said that design can affect how we heal. Comfortable, healthy, functional and beautiful spaces are the invention of Interior Designers.

Interior Designers take all aspects in to consideration including scale, proportion, space, lighting, textures, materials, color, accessibility, circulation, site line and codes and standards. Just as important, designers take into consideration how these designs effect the wellness and spirit of the people who interact with their designs.

At Sloan, we want to be a partner…a collaborator to you and the interior design process. We realize it’s not about our style…it’s about you, the designer, and your client.  We do offer pre-designed “off the shelf” products for you to use in your designs or to inspire your imagination. The only limit to our fabrications is your imagination.  We will work with you to bring your vision to life…from different colors, materials, textures, code and standard compliance all the way to conceptual drawings, final production and delivery.

We are happy to meet with you in person at your office, virtually via GoToMeeting or have you as our guest at our design center located in Mesa, AZ .

One constant in the design industry is the want to make each to project different from the last. For this reason Sloan and Stone & Steel allow you to build your own custom products starting with one of our base designs or your imagined thoughts. Nothing is off the table in terms of consideration. If you can dream it, we will design it, engineer it, source the material, and manufacturer it- all under one roof. Our process begins with an idea that is transformed into a concept drawing. From there we work with the customer to red-line any changes before we pass off the design to our engineering team. The product is then manufactured in our state of the art facilities in Mesa, Arizona and your solution is delivered to the jobsite.

Sloan offers 6 base designs that can be customized to meet the exact needs of your project. The below offerings are available in any solid surface, engineered quartz, living stone, or exotic surface material of your choice. Each trough style has the option to add: hold-open angled stainless steel enclosure, vertical stainless steel enclosure, vertical laminate panel enclosure, trash chutes, bag hooks, in-trough LED lights, and matching paper towel holders. These sinks can be fabricated to any length and width that your project requires as well as be made to fit in alcoves, include counter space, and be pre-drilled for any faucet, soap and hand dryer (AER-DEC only) of your choice.

Sloan offers 4 PVD (physical vapor deposition) coatings that are known for their durability and superior finish. Many, but not all, flushometers, faucets, and soap dispensers are available in Graphite, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass and Brushed Stainless finishes. Please get in touch with us before specifying special finishes as some models have minimum order quantities.

Board rooms are often a place to show off success and status for many businesses. Stone and Steel specializes in creating conference tables that are one of a kind and sure to turn heads. We have the ability to create custom supports, multi-surface tops, add lights, and any ethernet or communications cabling that is required

Stone and Steel offers a wide range of standard and customizable mirrors. Our offerings include ADA mirrors, Snap-In Channel Frame, Side Lit LED, Back-Lit LED, and Custom Laser Etched back-lit mirrors. Custom sizes and shapes are available.

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get started. Check out some of the restrooms Sloan has designed to get you thinking!

Stone and Steel offers completely custom architectural panels and wall dividers from start to finish. Have an idea in mind that you don't see available in the market currently? Let us help you bring that idea to fruition on your next project.

Not every project has the need, time allowance, or budget to utilize a complete custom solution with all of the bells and whistles. Though, owners are always looking for products that are aesthetically pleasing, durable and readily available. Sloan’s “Off-The-Shelf” offerings provide the desired high-end look and functionality without putting the project over budget and don’t require any additional design steps before the product is ordered.

Sloan offers many "off the shelf" sink offerings that are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 station configurations, or 30", 60", 90" and 120". These sinks are known as our "SloanStone", because they are a molded solid surface product. SloanStone sinks will meet the budget of any project and many of our newer styles like the ELGR, ELRF, ELWF, ELA, and ELC have 20+ color options. Enclosures are available for all designs other than the ELA and ELWF, due to basin design constraints.

Sloan has the largest selection of sensor operated faucets on the market. When first looking for a faucet you will want to consider whether you want battery or hardwired operation. Our EBF/ETF Sloan Optima platform can do both as well as handle 24V/AC and 6V/DC power, but other platforms such as the EAF and SF will require you knowing what type of power is available if you do not want to use batteries. Your next decision will be to choose the flowrate (0.5 GPM is the national standard). The final option is spout style and of course deciding whether or not you would like a special finish other than chrome plated.

Sloan has a wide range of soap dispensers that can be matched to many of our faucets and are also available in special finishes. Soap dispensers are slightly different from faucets in the fact that they are hardwired or plug-in transformer only. Soap replacements can either be purchased through Sloan or our good partner GOJO.

William Elvis Sloan established Sloan and invented the flushometer in 1906. Since that time Sloan has been the market leader in flushometer technology. The company and their offering has evolved tremendously since that time. We have a wide array of manual and sensor operated valves in both diaphragm and piston operated platforms. When looking at our flushometer offerings in a "Good, Better, Best" comparison- Our "Good" valves are the Regal Series, our "Better" valves are the Sloan series, and the "Best" valves are within the Royal Series.

"A smarter clean, hands down". Sloan has several different hand dryers that are available in multiple different special finishes in order to match our full line of special finish faucets, soap dispensers, and flushometers. Many of our sensor operated hand dryers have option for HEPA filters to ensure that the air they are putting out is 99.999% free of any airborne pollutants.

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Roof Penetration Housings LLC is currently the only manufacturer with ICC-500 & FEMA-P361 third-party tested and approved products for saferoom penetrations. These products are so well made and create such a safe environment that they are all warrantied for 20 YEARS. Need a product that you don’t see? RPH Does custom work as well!

RPH standard Vault and Wall Vault offerings are engineered to eliminate the need for multiple roof or wall penetrations as well as provide improved air permeance resistance.

The Cyclone line of products are Tornado and Hurricane rated protections for roof and wall penetrations, including housing options, roof drains, vent through roof and wall, and roof hatches.

Roof Penetration Housings (RPH) offers many different standard offerings to help clean up your rooftop installations. All of the RPH offerings come standard with a 20 YEAR WARRANTY.

The standard Vault AW series has been designed and third party tested to meet 2015 IECC C402.5 & ASTM E2178-13 for air permeance/air leakage. As well as third party tested for compliance to FEMA 320/361 & ICC 500-2014 for 225mph hurricane winds. Penetrations are sealed using our SilX14 exit seals which are UV and highly temperature resistant. These units are not insulated and are available in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, and Mega)

The Vault AWI series is very similar to the AW series, though it includes an insulated curb and housing for areas that see frigid temps throughout the year. These vaults are the first product of its kind designed to meet the IECC 2015/2018 code for roof insulation integrity. AWI models also meet 2015 IECC C402.5 & ASTM E2178-13 for air permeance/air leakage.

Wall vaults are designed to cleanup the look of through wall penetrants and allow for future penetrants through a consolidated pathway. We utilize or same SilX14 exit seals for penetrants through the Wall Vault.

FEMA P-361 & ICC-500

The difference between the two codes is that if FEMA grant money is used then ICC-500 standards must be reflected. FEMA P-320 is for residential buildings and FEMA P-361 is for commercial buildings. FEMA considers ICC storm shelters as safe rooms. FEMA standards mirror ICC-500-2014. ICC-500-2014 has been recognized by IBC and IRC in 2015.

The following structures must include a storm shelter constructed in accordance with ICC-500-2014 when located in a 250 mph wind speed zone for tornadoes:

  • 911 call stations
  • emergency operations centers
  • fire, rescue, and ambulance stations
  • police stations
  • K-12 school buildings with a capacity of 50 or more occupants, with certain exceptions


Silx14 Exit Seals are:

  • EASY TO INSTALL : Threaded connection or flange connection easily & quickly attaches to a VAULT or a CYCLONE  housing.
  • WEATHER-TIGHT : Built to last the entirety of the 20 year warranty
  • UV RESISTANT : Built to last the entirety of the 20 year warranty
  • PROPRIETARY MATERIAL : Silx14 gaskets are rated for -25°F to +475°F and allow for expansion & contraction

Below is a gallery of some of the custom duct work options that we can offer as well as a look into several RPH product installations. For any sizes or products that you do not see listed, please contact us and we are happy to find a solution for your specific project and needs.