Milwaukee Valve products have been installed on every U.S. Navy ship built for the last 50 years.
We Not Only Make Valves –
We Are Shipbuilders!

Insulator handle


Milwaukee Valve’s insulated extension handle is designed to prevent condensation and other extraneous moisture from entering your insulated piping system, while also minimizing thermal energy loss from the system via metal extension tubes, levers, and similar parts. Our handle design incorporates a unique memory stop feature that requires no disassembly or removal of the handle to engage and make adjustments.

UltraPure (low lead)

UltraPure meets lead-free residential, commercial, and institutional standards everywhere. Milwaukee valve offers an extensive line of UltraPure no-lead valves, which includes:

  • 2-Piece Ball Valves – Standard or Full Port

  • 3-Piece Ball Valves – Full Port

  • Press-End Valves – For use in press-end connections

  • Gate Valves – Rising and Non-rising Stems

  • Globe Valves

  • Swing Check Valves

  • Lift Check Valves

  • Butterfly Valves – 2 to 12 inch lug and water

  • Slo-Close and Fire-Protection

butterfly valve


Our high performance butterfly valves are available in sizes ranging from 2-1/2″ to 24″ for class 150 ratings, and 2-1/2″ to 16″ for class 300. Dependable and durable service is assured with one-piece stem and stainless steel backed reinforced PFTE bearings


Milwaukee Valve’s newly expanded UltraPress line will save you more time than ever. Designed for press-connection systems piping potable water, HVAC and inert gases at 200 psi or less, UltraPress valves are quickly “pressed” into place. No more messy, multi-step brazing, soldering or screw-in installations.



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